Meet Kriston “Executive Chef”

Kriston - Head Chef | Damon's Grill in Hazleton PA

Meet Kriston-Our Executive Chef here at Damon’s Hazleton!

We want you to know a little more about the person behind your plate! We’re spillin’ all the beans on her culinary background and why we’re so proud to have her on staff for more than 14 amazing years. Kriston was born and raised locally near Hazleton in Hazle Twp., Pa where she currently lives with her husband, Paul and her three children, Nick, Bree and Justyn. Kriston grew up cooking all homemade specialties with her grandmother, which inspired her to become the great chef that she is today. After high school, she graduated from Johnson and Whales Culinary Institute in Providence, RI and found a special home here at Damon’s Hazleton.

When she’s not at the restaurant cooking up a storm, you’ll find Kriston outside tending to her organic garden she is very passionate about, or you may find her hunting and camping. You may even find her on the  slopes in the winter! Above all things though, Kriston is most passionate about the food she puts out on the tables. Ask Kriston’s favorite item on the menu? “Our ribs and spicy wings are definitely my fav but you never know what hot new dishes we are cooking up in the kitchen” she says.

Come dine with us at Damon’s Hazleton and in “One Bite”, you’ll taste the difference that a creative and passionate chef brings to your table.